Glyder is going to experiment!

With new musical influences, and also technology, Glyder is going to get some help from Native Instruments, also used by Trent Reznor from Nine Inch Nails. With Komplete Kontrol S-Series MIDI keyboard kontroller released in October 2014, Glyder decided to implement this awesome keyboard into their live gigs. Komplete Kontrol S-Series allows to use Native Instruments in very native and intuitive way, with direct access to presets and sounds supplemented with this product. Their already started rehearse for they new show and as they said: “It will be huge”.


Important message from band

Please buy the album and support the band, tell your friends, like us on facebook, request us on your local ROCK show! we appreciate your support, please feel free to send any feedback to the band at

Round the world

The album is out now all over the globe, we hope you are enjoying it! If you havent got it yet its available on sites like amazon,, HMV, and please support the Independant stores if you can, also available to download.
The launch is on 19th November in the Diamond Rock club

One great quote about the new album :

“Irish rockets Glyder have totally revamped their line-up, and in the process given their bluesy melodic rock approach a real shot in the arm. Backroads To Byzantium (SPV/Steamhammer) is possibly the band’s best album yet. The songs have a vigour and the musicianship an edge that really does convince you of Glyder’s worth.” — Malcolm Dome, Classic Rock

Here is a free download, play it LOUD in your Car!

Upcoming Gigs

19th Nov ALBUM LAUNCH The Diamond Rock club, Ballymena, Northern Ireland
7th Oct Opening for Y&T, Spring and Airbrake, Belfast
8th Oct Opening for Y&T, The Village, Dublin

Glyder in Europe

Glyder have signed for Europe with Bad Reputation Records and with Spiritual Beast for Japan. Keep a look here for release dates for Europe and Japan. The album will be released in the UK and Ireland through Townsend Records in Ireland on Friday 26th October & UK Monday 29th October.
Townsend Records are now taking preorders. A free DVD will come with all Pre orders with a new Documentary on Glyder and the Videos for PUP, Saving Face and One for the lost. Also the Uncensored PUP video!!

Glyder’s version of “Hazy Shade of Winter” will be on isuue 111 of Classic Rock magazine and on the shelf in September.
GLYDER appear on two compilation CD’s one from GRTR made for the Cambridge Rock festival, The track chosen was “Stargazer”

Also a compilation CD in the USA called “Race track rock” out on Versailles Records. Glyder feature on the CD along with members of Aerosmith, Anthrax, Journey, Ozzy Osbourne Band, and others.

Music producer CHRIS TSANGARIDES is ready to mix and produce the new Glyder album as well as play keyboard, piano and guitars on it. He is well known for metal music production back in 80s. Nowadays Chris is a teacher and educator and a music producer as well.  Glyder have just recorded a version of “Hazy Shade of Winter” for an upcoming issue of Classic Rock Magazine

The new Glyder music and recordings will be uploaded when we confirm the release of “Playground for life”. Cannot wait to see the cover of the album?? Well we need to wait little bit more.

Please also check out the Gallery for tour shots from the European tour and the gigs page is updated with a list of all the gigs to date. the links section has been updated with interviews and reviews and our music productions also the press page for magazine clippings.

New material

A collectors edition of early Glyder material come out in May via Bad Reputation, It can be pre ordered and purchased at GLYDER – Black Pearl (A collection of rough diamonds)

The new linep enter the studio on April 18th to record the fourth album “Backroads to Byzantium” details are here
Bat’s Blog

Glyder play The Diamond Mini fest on 6th August in the Diamond Bar, Ahoghill, Ballymena on 6th August,

More dates to be announced later.

The new Glyder lineup:

Jackie Robinson – Vocals
Bat Kinane – Guitar and Vocal
Peter Fisher – Guitar
Graham McClatchie – Bass
Des McEvoy – Drums

Progress has been made on material for Album 4 and Glyder aim to record it in April